Tryouts: SUCCESS!

Thanks everyone! More »

MUT-approved Frisbee discs are now available for sale through our Merchandise page. Buy 1 for yourself or 10 for your intramural team at a fiscally responsible $12! More »


Have you ever eaten a cricket?

Naak bars and MUT are teaming up!

Naak Bars are developed by these handsome men, as well as chefs, nutritionists and triathletes from … cricket powder! Environmentally friendly, shelf-stable and a high source of protein, they are a great performance treat for endurance events (*cough* TOURNAMENTS AND STUDYING).

Use the promo code MUT for 15% off an order.

Tryouts: Successful!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our tryouts! We hope you had fantastic time running around under the hot sun, chasing plastic. Congratulations to everyone who is playing for McGill Ultimate this season. Stay tuned for a feature article on the upcoming season, and saucy photos and viral vids of our tournaments!
Special thanks to Provigo for providing us starving athletes with cases of fruit.



Engage McGill and OAP!

MUT will be tossing plastic and barking aggressively on Lower field for Engage McGill today at 5:30 pm! Come say hi and meet our fabulous team.
We will also have a table from 4:00 pm onwards at OAP, because you can’t spell ultimate without “beer”, right?